Each year during the budgeting process, the District allocates funds (if available) for special projects which are outside the scope of routine operations & maintenance. Please follow our progress as we set out to make improvements!


Project: Main Channel at Alonzo St.

Budgeted: FY 2022
Status: In Progress

Brush Removal Project.

Project: Main Channel at Bridge St.

Budgeted: FY 2022
Status: Complete

Railroad Bridge Removal and Repair Preoject.

Project: Daule Channel at Charles Street Repair

Budgeted: FY 2018
Status: In Process 

Section of extended culvert needs to be removed, reworked or replaced. Surveying is complete, and the engineering study for the area has been received. The District is reviewing the options outlined by the engineering firm. Construction activities are expected to be completed during Fiscal Year 2019.

Daule Channel – site benchmark established during recent surveying.

Project Site

Project: Main Ditch at Alonso Street

Budgeted: FY 2018
Status: Removed 

Fabrication and installation of new watergate, necessary because debris from littering blocks the flow of water.
**Project removed after rancher installed fencing which alleviated the need for a watergate.

Blockage caused by littering.

Cleaned channel through extensive time and effort, new fencing installed after this photo was taken.

Project: Survey District Boundaries

Budgeted: FY 2018
Status: In Process 

An updated Political Boundary map was needed to accurately reflect the boundary of the District. This has been accomplished; the new map is recorded in the Plat Records of DeWitt County and is available on this website. The remaining task is posting signs at principal entrances to the District and is expected to be complete by the end of Fiscal Year 2018.

Administrative Assistant Ryan Parker stakes proposed sign location on Cottonwood Lane.

GM Beth Parker stakes proposed sign location near Tractor Supply.

Project: Clear channels on grazed properties as needed

Budgeted: FY 2018
Status: Complete

The District works through its grazed channels at more extended intervals than those in town, which are worked monthly. The work shown here was done in the Valley Channel, Winter 2017.

Project: Post-Hurricane Projects

Budgeted: FY 2018
Status: In Process 

Surveying High Water Marks – it is important for engineering and planning purposes to obtain reliable high-water mark information for floods of record. The two highest recorded water levels in our community occurred during the ’98 flood and in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The District asked the community to inform us if they had preserved high water marks from either time period. Several areas were noted and surveyed. We are still seeking this information from anyone within our local watershed area – please contact us if you have a recorded high water mark in the Cuero area.


Water level preserved by DCDD1, Main Channel 2017.


Stream Gauges – to serve our community and to obtain useful data during storm events, the District is installing staff gauges at various locations throughout our system. Surveying will be performed to ascertain mean sea level elevations for these locations. Intended completion is near the end of Fiscal Year 2018.


GM Beth Parker measures bridge piers on Morgan Street (Valley channel).


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