District Information Form/Notice to Purchasers

Pursuant to Texas Water Code Section 49.452 (a)(1), any person who proposes to sell or convey real property located in a district created under this title or by a special Act of the legislature that is providing or proposing to provide, as the district’s principal function, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, and flood control or protection facilities or services… must first give to the purchaser the written notice provided in this section.

District Information Form / Notice to Purchasers

Pursuant to Texas Water Code Section 49.453, the District maintains in its office the particular form of Notice to Purchasers required … and shall, upon written request of any person, issue the notice form completed by the District with all information required to be furnished by the District. Written request forms are available below, and are also available at the District’s office.

Request for Notice to Purchasers Form

Note: A link to the full content of Texas Water Code is provided under “Resources

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